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Little Truckers by Jeffrey Otersen

Little Truckers follows a legendary semi-truck named Petee’ who begins to think he’s too old for his job on the road.Mr. McClainey surprises all the trucks at Shamrock Lucking Trucking Company in Truckington, Ohio, with a brand-new, state-of-the-art semi-truck named Vahnders. 

Vahnders thinks he can do everything better and faster than all the other trucks at Shamrock Lucking Trucking Company. Mr. McClainey sends Vahnders on his first run to deliver some very important freight that has a deadline. Mr. McClainey then calls the scrap yard to have some old junk scrap metal hauled away. Petee’ overhears the phone conversation, thinking he’s been replaced by Vahnders.

Petee’ gets hauled away by Scrappy to the scrap yard. Petee’ leaves behind his Qualcomm computer (a messaging system with built-in GPS, which is tied into the truck’s computer) with a message that he’s gone on a big adventure, not ever returning. 

Vahnders is stranded on top of Big Bear Mountain in a blizzard. Mr. McClainey decides to send Kenny to help Vahnders, but he too gets stranded in the blizzard up in the mountains after an avalanche. 

All the trucks of Shamrock Lucky Trucking Company must find Petee’ to rescue Vahnders and Kenny. He’s the only truck that can save them and help get the important freight delivered on time to save the Shamrock Lucky Trucking Company from going bankrupt.